Carmen Pascucci - Singer and Songwriter

Carmen spent her youth traveling through Europe, studying, singing, and learning music.Carmen’s first EP Orizzonti, features 7 songs and was recorded in 2002. The title track Orizzonti was broadcast on Radio Rai for their Emerging Artists Competition and was voted one of the best Indie songs. As a result, Carmen won the opportunity to organize a large concert in her hometown in Italy, complete with exclusive interviews of musical talents. What one can expect to hear on this EP is her emerging musical passion and her unquenchable thirst for life, music, and self-expression coupled with the influence of her studies at the Conservatory of Music in Salerno, Italy. It is a harmonious blend of pop, classical, folk, and the influence of her singing in various ensembles throughout Italy


At this point in her career, Carmen realized she needed to expand her worldview, to grow as an artist, and to experience life in a way that she could not do if she remained safely tucked in her hometown. She moved to England and traveled from place to place, seeing life from a new perspective and an understanding of what it meant to really be on her own.  She played with a Jazz band, and that sound became integrated into her repertoire, much due to the fact that that band became her family.  Carmen’s second EP Since I’ve Left, was born out of the challenges and the excitement of moving to a new place and experiencing a new culture.  It’s title track, Since I’ve Left is the passionate, emotional story of why she left home.  Another track, Good Night London, represents a picture in Carmen’s mind of London as a painting that melts its colors with its own rain. The EP Since I’ve Left is a more mature sound of Carmen. Her expanded life journey, complete with the challenges of loneliness and being a fish out of water combined with the excitement and freedom of being on her own, spreading her wings, digging deep, being on the road to self-discovery, it is all evident here. It is a more soulful, fierce, seasoned or accomplished Carmen, as she uses her voice to exhibit her passionate embrace of life. This EP was recorded “live” to further capture the energy of what it was like to hear Carmen and her band ARMEN performing in a pub or other live venue.